Exciting Information! UNITED KINGDOM Website Awards Nominations & Dating Information.com’s Finest British Dating Blog Sites

We’re recognized to mention we’ve been selected within the 2015 UK Blog honors in both the most effective way of living and Arts & society web log classes! The UK weblog honours are well-known that their website crashed as a result of eager voters, therefore we require the help to stay ahead of all of those other nominees and would-be so thankful any time you’d keep united states a vote!
Voting is quick and easy! You’ll choose for us in the life-style class and in Arts & community. Hey, you can carry out both if you’re experiencing good-sized! Voting closes on December third.

Thank-you bear in mind for your assistance! We try in order to ideal & most extensive (and fun!) online dating related material on the internet, so if there is something you would like to see a lot more of about blog or a question you may need answered, fire away! Hopefully we’ll be honoring a win collectively soon!

DatingAdvice.com’s 12 greatest Brit Dating Blogs

In even a lot more interesting development, we have been known as one of several 12 most useful Brit Dating Blogs of 2014 by DatingAdvice.com! Check out the post for complete a number of blog sites on their list–we’re in certain fantastic company!