Data Governance Tools

Data governance tools arrange all the data in an organization into a catalog that is simple to navigate. People with the appropriate rights can access and collaborate in minutes. They automatize specific tasks that improve productivity and allows teams working on data to focus their attention on more difficult issues. They can improve the knowledge and understanding of data across the organization, by providing self-service access to trusted high-quality data.

Hevo’s Data Governance tool offers a complete set of capabilities for managing data, including a data catalog, metadata management and data lineage. It also offers an environment for defining a standard business glossary and data assets. The PII and other information standards can be easily organized using sophisticated algorithms. The product can be used both in cloud and on premises. It also supports a federated governance system in which a central software manages the core master data attributes while application-specific attributes in business units and departments are managed by separate software for governance.

Another provider is Alation, which offers the full suite of data governance features in its data catalog software. Its core technologies scan data lakes, databases, and data warehouses to find metadata and then use automated analysis to find different types of data. The data stewardship tool it offers lets users establish policies which assign roles and an analytics engine which can reveal trends in the usage of data. Alation has a wide range of clients including GlaxoSmithKline as well as the Singapore Tourism Board, Air France, NASDAQ and Autozone.

Another alternative is erwin. This incorporates data governance and other functionalities in an integrated software suite. It connects physical metadata with specific business terms which allows users to locate relevant data and extract it. It also allows users to check the lineage of data and audit the sets to ensure conformance. It permits organizations to implement version control in accordance with data quality standards and governance rules as well as keep track of changes to metadata with its Data Jumpstart Service.