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Etrms abbreviated glossary covers only the most commonly encountered terms. There may be exceptions to some of our definitions – our main concern bokk to provide you with general concepts relative to commonly used book book collector terms free. Abbreviations appear alphabetized at the beginning of each respective letter; only the most common abbreviations are included.

Glossary This abbreviated glossary covers only the most commonly encountered terms. ADS Autograph document signed. Advance copy a copy of a book usually sent to reviewers prior to publication, may be in a different format and may or may not clllector bound. All published the book collcetor set is complete as is, and any additional parts or volumes were never published.

Annotated Including critical and explanatory notes. ANS Autograph note signed. Binding the method of holding pages or sheets ссылка на страницу may be simply stapled or sewn, or sewn and enclosed in wrappers, but most often refers to a “hard” binding or covers.

This type of binding may be covere Binding copy a book lacking the original binding or with a binding in poor condition, i. Boards the covers of book collector terms free hard bound book; подробнее на этой странице book collector terms free are the stiff cardboard or paperboard which is usually covered with cloth or leather; and when covered with paper, the covers are properly referred to as “b Book club edition usually an inexpensive reprint cillector poor quality paper and binding and sold by subscription to members of a book club; in general, of little interest to book collectors and of low monetary value Book formats The traditional terms in use for describing book formats are derived from early printing methodology and the size of early handmade sheets of привожу ссылку. When two leaves four pages when printed book collector terms free both si Читать полностью jacket the paper, often with illustrations and information about the book and author, used as a protective covering over the book; usually referred to as a “dust jacket” or “dj”, sometimes called a “dust wra Bookworm any of a number of moth or fly larvae which tunnel through the pages of books microsoft office 2010 product key with free download free download book collector terms free small channels, book collector terms free in individual leaves.

Very early books often have some evidence of bookworm damage. Broadsheet a printing which collechor on both sides of a single leaf see also broadside. Broadside a printing, often collecor official announcement or poem or music, which occurs on a single sheet of paper and only on one side; the verso other side is blank.

When printed on both sides, the sheet become Buckram a stiff, coarsely woven, filled cloth used less expensive, but stronger wearing, cloth book binding material; often used for library books.

C Calf book binding leather from a calf hide or cattle hide; a commonly used material for leather binding see also morocco, sheep, and vellum.

Cancel leaf a new leaf, often the title book collector terms free, to which changes have been made, which is glued onto the narrow stub left by the book collector terms free leaf which has been excised. Cloth book binding material woven from cotton, linen, wool or synthetic fibers. Colophon a statement occurring at the rear of collsctor volume following the text, relating information about the bpok history and physical aspects of the colldctor often includes name of printer, type of paper, typef Conjugate leaves leaves which are physically attached, part of the same sheet.

Covers the binding of a book; i. Cut edges the most common type of book edges, trimmed even with a book collector terms free binders knife prior to finishing the binding process see also uncut, unopened, and deckle edges. D DAB Dictionary book collector terms free American Biography, a useful 20 volume reference, especially when collecting manuscripts and autographs and attempting to learn about the authors. Dampstain stain often of a shade of tan or gray resulting from water or other liquid damage to a volume; tolerated by collectors when it is minimal and occurs in very old, scarce volumes; its presence does lowe Deckle edge natural or sometimes artificial rough edge of page, left uncut see also cut edges, uncut, and unopened.

Disbound descriptive term for a rfee or pamphlet or ephemera which has been removed from its binding.

DNB Dictionary of National Biography, multi-volume number of volumes dependent upon the edition reference of biographies of British citizens the U. Dummy copy book made to appear like a soon to be published title, but with a text block of blank pages see also bolk sample. Duodecimo see definition under “Book sizes”. Dust jacket the paper, often with illustrations and ckllector about the book, used as a protective covering over the book; sometimes called a book jacket dj book collector terms free a dust wrapper dw.

Collectors of literary firs Dust wrapper see above definition of dust jacket. If copies of a book are printed on Oct. End book collector terms free paper, often of coated stock or marbled paper or otherwise “fancy” paper, with one half pasted to the cover; used primarily to give a finished appearance to the binding.

Often has catalog numbers inked or painted on the s Ex-libris a Latin phrase meaning “from the books” or book collector terms free paraphrase, “from the library or collection of”; the phrase is frequently used on bookplates.

Extra-illustrated usually a volume made into a unique copy with additional illustrations, autographs, or manuscripts added by carefully gluing or tipping-in this extra material. F First Appearances this term can refer to several different concepts: The first time an author appears in print, i. Henry D. Thoreau’s first appearance in print was as an anonymous obituary in a Concord newspaper. Читать полностью Books the first book frree by an author usually refers to a acdsee pro 3 raw plugin free download entirely by the author, not merely a first appearance of a poem or short story in an anthology.

Frequently an collectro, well known First Edition All of the copies printed from the first setting of type; can include multiple printings if all are from the same setting of type. Every printed book has a first edition, many never have later edition Flyleaf a blank leaf or leaves inserted during the binding process between the free end paper and the beginning or end of the tterms pages. Folio see Book size. Foxing rust colored spots which occur on paper resulting from oxidation of both organic tedms iron impurities left behind during the paper making process.

Only when these impurities exist in the paper, given e Frontispiece an illustration or plate inserted immediately in front of the title page, with the illustration facing the title page, often abbreviated as frontis. Full binding volume is entirely encased in leather calf, sheep, morocco, etc. Full Binding usually refers to leather binding, fee Binding. Gilt top, gilt applied to the top edge of the text block see also a. Gathering a folded printed sheet of leaves prior to binding; referred to as a signature after binding.

Gutter the inner margin of the leaves of a bound book; adjacent inner margins of facing pages when book is open. H Half binding the spine and corner leather occupy only approx. Half title a page which frew the the title page and the text, with the title often abbreviated usually centered on the page. Hinge the inside portion of the flexible area where book cover meets the book spine; often used interchangeably with the boik joint, which should be used to boo, the outside or exterior portion of the Holograph Anything handwritten entirely by the writer; i.

Imprint when used as a noun refers term the publication data located at the base of a title page, usually includes the city ferms publication, book collector terms free of the publisher sometimes the printerand the year of publica Inscribed a book, or other printed piece, with a handwritten and signed statement usually written for a specific named person s and often located on the end paper book collector terms free title book collector terms free when “inscribed” is used to des Issue a portion of fred edition printed or tefms deliberately by the printer or publisher in a distinct form differing from colllector rest of the printing book collector terms free to paper, binding, format, etc.

The distincti J Joint the exterior flexible “hinge” where book cover meets book spine; frer is usually used to designate the equivalent inside or interior flexible area.

The joint is often an area that splits or cracks L Large paper copy a special edition printed with the pages reconfigured to result in larger leaves with very wide page margins; the text book collector terms free the individual pages remaining the same as the normal edition; usually large p Leaf leaves refers to the smallest, standard physical unit of paper in a printed piece; in the case of books and pamphlets, fgee with a printed page on each side of a leaf; a broadside is printed on a single s M Marbled edges usually the top, bottom and foreedge of bok book with a multi-colored, swirled design, somewhat продолжить the coloration pattern of marble stone see also a.

Morocco leather frse made from goat hides; usually used in high quality or fine bindings for the interesting texture of the microsoft office plus 2010 cannot free originally tanned with sumac in book collector terms free country of Morocco see also calf, s Collectoe abbreviation means “no date” provided in the imprint.

No place of publication provided in the imprint. NUC National Union Catalogue; when used in antiquarian book colldctor usually refers to the pre imprints NUC which lists Library of Congress holdings plus the holdings of all reporting libraries i Octavo see “Book sizes”. Out-of-print no longer available from the publisher o. P Plate an illustration s printed on a separate sheet of paper usually heavy and better quality than the text pages and added to book collector terms free book during the binding process.

Pre-publication price When a new title is first offered for sale, often this special lower frer is promoted and available for a limited time before publication. Presentation copy a copy manual captivate 9 download a printed item inscribed and book collector terms free by the author or publisher and provided as a gift; see “inscribed”.

Printing the copies of a book or other printed material which originate from the book collector terms free press run or booo the same plates or setting of type collectkr one time. In the example given for “Edition”, the copies would Prospectus printed material, often in the form of a leaflet or broadside, which describes a forth-coming title in detail, often including information on ordering the book including pre-publication price. Q Quarter binding usually lacks leather corners book collector terms free leather of the bokk occupies only approx.

Quarto see “Book formats”. R Reading copy well worn, usually abused copy of a book, often in need of rebinding; i. Rebacked the spine or backstrip has been replaced with new material, in some cases the original worn backstrip is saved and glued over the new material. Rebound copy of a book book collector terms free has had the original binding removed and a new binding attached; terrms there is no need to resew or trim the book, the term “recased” is sometimes used to indicate that a new bindi Recto the front side of a leaf or in the case of an open book the page on the right, with the book collector terms free on the left being the verso.

Salesman sample tsrms made for door-to-door sales of a forth-coming title, usually has examples of several binding styles, the bookk page, a few pages of text and some illustrations if any and often a few ruled le Self-wrappers the wrappers of a pamphlet consist of windows 10 home wordpad first leaf of the first signature and the final leaf of the last signature; i.

Sewn-as-issued a pamphlet book collector terms free has been sewn together and exists in its original state relative to binding; normally a pamphlet with self-wrappers. Shaken book collector terms free that sections signatures of a book or pamphlet are becoming quite loose, but remain attached to the binding.

Sheep a common leather binding material tersm sheep hides; used like calf for a less expensive binding than morocco, appears to have been frequently used for text books and law books in the 19th century see Shelfback another term for spine or backstrip.



Book collector terms free


Collevtor, this copy is as it will appear in the bookstores and differs from the Uncorrected Proof. The top, fore-edge and foot of the book are colored in gold.

See Gilt Edges. A loose term implying collectible books rather than used books. Refers to old, rare, and out-of-print books. A book that belonged to or was annotated by the author, someone close to the author, a famous or noteworthy person, or someone especially associated with the content of the work.

Coloector have documentary evidence of its association, such as the author’s bookplate. The book is in the exact condition as when it left the print shop. See Mint. A favorite book collector terms free to describe defects that probably occur only on copies of the book the particular dealer often handles, such as “lacks endpapers, as usual”.

The page carrying nothing but the title of the book collector terms free, usually preceding the title page. Also known as: Mock Title, Fly title, half-title. A bibliophile in whom the love of books has become an obsession; includes many bookdealers and certain collectors. A book that needs to be rebound and is worth rebinding. In a copy like this the leaves are intact and the book block itself is still square but the binding may be in tatters. An impressed mark, decoration, or lettering, not colored or gilded, usually appearing on the binding.

One way that the Book Clubs have book collector terms free their editions when they are otherwise identical to trade editions ferms to use a small square, round or sometimes leaf-shaped blind stamp in the bottom right corner of the rear board. Books made around the mids in Germany and the Netherlands in which pictures and explanatory text were printed from woodblocks; not book collector terms free be confused with a collectorr Block”.

A comment from a book collector terms free often by another author praising terma particular book printed on the dust wrapper or covers of a proof copy, or on a wrap-around band. A book that has been printed, folded, gathered and sewn, but not yet bound; not to be confused with “Block Books”.

See Text-block. Occasionally, if the book club does not wish to do a separate edition they will have a publisher blind stamp on the rear board and print a supply of dust wrappers without a price on the front flap and now without the book collector terms free code on the rear panel.

Book Clubs are not solely an American phenomenon as there have been numerous British Book Clubs over the years. A label indicating the ownership of a book. Generally smaller than a bookplate. A pasted-in sign of ownership. Modern bookplates are pressure sensitive peel-and-stick as opposed to the older bookplates that were made with water-activated adhesive lick-and-stick.

Some bookplates from the 19th century were quite elaborate with engravings. A book with a cover of any type, or a periodical that has a cover other than its published wraps. Coolector condition of the covers or boards of a hardcover book. Bowed covers may turn inward toward the leaves or outward away from the leaves. The condition generally results from a rapid change in book collector terms free level of moisture in the air and is tetms by different rates of expansion or contraction of the paste-down and the outer material covering the board.

A person who breaks up boook to sell the plates separately, or the book book collector terms free when the covers are so bad that it either has to be rebound or broken up. A case-bound book is a hardcover book where book collector terms free boards have been covered before being adjoined with the text block as opposed to afterwards; which is defined as bound.

Used to describe where small pieces are missing or where fraying has occurred on a dust jacket or the edge of a paperback. A cloth-bound book. The covering can be linen, buckram or book collector terms free textile. Also shelf-cocked. A condition resulting from storing a book on a shelf so that it leans book collector terms free rests against its neighbor or the side of a bookcase.

Gravity deforms the book binding. Cocked also refers to a book where the spine no longer remains at right angles to the covers. The gathering of leaves of paper, parchment or other similar material; or a book by another name. Technically, the fref and notation of the physical make-up of a book.

By checking for the presence of every leaf or page originally in посетить страницу volume when issued, a book may be collated as complete. An identifying inscription or emblem from the printer or publisher appearing at the end of a book.

Also the emblem at the bottom of the spine on both the fred and dust wrapper as well as a logo on the title or copyright page. A book binding similar to a spiral binding but using a round tubular plastic piece with many teeth which fit through small rectangular holes punched into the binding edge of the book. The plastic piece, if laid нажмите чтобы узнать больше, would resemble a comb. Refers to the time at which an action happened to the book in relation to its printing.

For instance, a contemporary binding is a book that has been re-bound shortly after being published. A contemporary inscription would have been signed and dated in the year of publication.

Cosway Bindings are beautiful books with book collector terms free paintings inset into fine leather bindings. They are named after miniaturist portrait painter Richard Cosway. Bookselling firm Sotheran’s invented the concept with Miss C. Currie providing the art. The original cloth covers, usually including the spine, bound into the book when a new binding is made. Normally they are mounted as pages at book collector terms free end of the book.

Also refers to the covers of books originally issued in boards or paper wraps, but in these cases the covers are usually bound in their proper positions. A permanent bend to a page or dust jacket.

Somewhat common from times when collectors used terns remove the dust jacket and fold it for safe storage. When these jackets have been resurrected, they will contain a crease. Many modern books are smooth-trimmed after binding so that all edges are even, or flush. This is described as having been cut. Illustrations printed in the text pages are collwctor cuts, whole page illustrations that have been printed separately are called Plates.

A light stain on the cover or on the leaves of a book caused by moisture such as a piece of food or perspiration. Generally not as severe as waterstains. When book covers are exposed to boik, the color darkens or becomes more intense. See Fading. Another term for uncut or untrimmed edges.

A printer’s ornament. Also an insignia that is the publisher’s identifying mark. Now interchangeable with colophon. Book pages that have been folded over in the corners.

Some readers do this to mark their place in a book. Two separate books bound together so that each cover represents the cover for a different title. Ace paperbacks and many science fiction books were issued this way. A mock-up of a book used by salesmen in the late 19th and early 20th century to show prospective buyers what the book would look like.

It usually book collector terms free a title page, 10 or 20 pages of text, and then blank pages to fill out the rest of the binding. A book approximately seven to eight inches tall. A term synonymous with Dust Wrapper, indicating the usually decorative paper wrapper placed around a book to protect the binding. See Dust Jacket. Short for Gook Book, this is a computer file that contains the entire text of a book. There are many different book collector terms free of e-book files and book collector terms free can be read only with a specific e-reader Amazon’s Kindle etc while others can be read on any computer, personal digital assistant or e-reader.

All the copies of a book printed from the same plates or typesetting. Additions, changes and revisions are made with each new edition. Also see Reprint. A large book about 23 inches tall. The sheets of paper pasted onto tdrms inner covers, joining logic pro x and tips download book block to the covers.

One side of the sheet is pasted to the inside cover, the other is left free. Printed or written items produced with a short intended lifetime that are now collectible. Examples include posters, postcards, tickets, maps and pamphlets. Loss of paper or cloth caused by a slow and steady wear, as opposed to a chipping or tearing. See Loss. Mistakes or errors. Generally encountered in the term “errata slip,” a small sheet of paper laid into a book by a publisher who discovered errors prior to publication.

A term used to indicate a book was once in book collector terms free public library. They are usually identified with one or more markings of the library such as stampings, card pockets, cataloging numbers, etc. Frequently they are marked as “discarded” or “withdrawn” when sold by a library. A bookplate printed with the owner’s name or initials.