Best Antivirus For Gamers

Video gameplay used to be an option for people to entertain themselves. Today, it’s an industry that’s growing in popularity and is even an option for career progression for some. To enjoy an enjoyable gaming experience, gamers use high-performance computers with high-speed Internet connections. However, these powerful machines are susceptible to online malware. Hackers can steal their logins or corrupt their save files. However, antivirus software can defend you from these attacks and improve your gaming experience. The best antivirus for gamers is one that focuses on performance and has features that can enhance gaming like a dedicated gaming mode, low usage of system resources, and gaming optimization.

The most effective antivirus for gamers should have an extremely high rate of malware detection and should make use of heuristic detection and machine learning to catch malicious programs that do not yet exist in the antivirus database. In addition, the antivirus must provide robust web security to protect gamers against hackers who attack them with phishing scams that attempt to steal their account details or payment information.

While some gamers are content with the standard antivirus that is included with Windows platforms, others may require something more robust and feature-rich. Kaspersky is a good choice, since it has a track record of being able of detecting new threats rapidly thanks to its heuristic engine. It also comes with a gaming mode that pauses the notifications and scans to ensure that you aren’t interrupted during a crucial time in a game.

Bitdefender is another alternative. It offers solid security, with minimal impact on PC performance and a 30 day money back guarantee. The user interface is simple and easy to learn and offers multiple ways to contact customer support.