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The legacy methods of developing with DataStax Enterprise on Windows as discussed in this blog post have evolved to using our new and improved Docker containers, which provide a much better development experience on Windows.

Many architects and developers today are targeting Apache Cassandra as the underlying database because of its ability to easily scale and perform fast under extreme workloads. Developers like the fact that no modifications are required on their part if the application is initially written to just use one Cassandra node, but grows into hundreds in the future.

According to industry analysts such as Evans Data, Microsoft Windows remains the number one platform used by developers to write code and test their work although Mac has recently been challenging that ranking. Many times developers need a complete environment to do their work, and this translates into having a full functioning copy of the database their application will target running on their Windows workstation or laptop.

To get Datastax Community Edition, go to the downloads page and select the Windows installation package for your version of Microsoft Windows. Note that 32 and bit installers are offered. When you execute the setup program, you are first presented with an initial welcome panel that identifies your installation package:.

Once the installation directory has been set, the installer will ask how you want to handle the services that will be installed. Installed services include:. The final panel asks if you would like to launch DataStax OpsCenter in your browser and also register to be updated when new versions of the software become available:. Once a keyspace is created, you can create column families the primary data object in Cassandra , insert data, query data, and more:.

Lastly, you can start, stop, and manage the various services installed via the standard Windows services control panel interface:. For other software such as application drivers, client libraries, and more visit the downloads page. The DataStax Blog. Subscribe to the RSS Feed. DataStax has many ways for you to advance in your career and knowledge. You can take free classes , get certified , or read one of our many white papers.

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Protect critical data, meet compliance requirements with unified authentication and access control, end-to-end encryption, data auditing. Systemd based distributions may require to run systemctl daemon-reload once to make Cassandra available as a systemd service. Once the installation directory has been set, the installer will ask how you want to handle the services that will be installed. Built on the foundation of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise adds an operationalreliability, monitoring and security layer hardened by the largest internet apps and the Fortune Older Supported Releases The following older Cassandra releases are still supported:.


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Mar 11,  · Download the latest Apache Cassandra RC release: Released on rc1 (pgp, sha and sha) Latest Stable Version. Download the latest Apache Cassandra release: Released on (pgp, sha and sha) Older Supported Releases. Jun 23,  · DataStax Community Edition and are available for download from Planet Cassandra!! These are maintenance releases of the and branches, neither of which have any version-specific upgrade notes, but do read through the all the relevant NEWS entries if you are upgrading from an older release. May 18,  · From DataStax Downloads, download and install DataStax Desktop for your operating system (OS). Select DataStax Desktop from the Tools list. Select your operating system from the Package drop-down list. Agree to the DataStax Desktop Terms. Select Download. Download and install Docker for your OS. Mac; Linux; Windows; Start Docker.