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Reddy Family Medical Clinic

RFMC a certified rural health clinic under Public Law 95-210 in Louisiana RFMC makes a sustained and substantial effort to keep the rural health clinic in full compliance with applicable federal (OSHA, CLIA, etc.), state, and local laws The rural health clinic and its staff will comply with applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations. The staff of the rural health clinic are licensed, certified or registered in accordance with applicable state laws and regulations. All licensed practitioners including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses will be licensed in the State. The clinic will not discriminate against employees or patients based upon race, sex, sexual orientation, etc. RFMC exists to provide quality patient-centered services, promote and protect the voluntary healthcare system, provide quality health education and respond to the changing needs of the patients with Christian co As a Certified Rural Health Clinic, we will be able to provide a wide range of ancillary services while still maintaining continuity through shared medical records. The clinic acts as an entry point for healthcare services in the community. This helps to ensure that individuals in need of healthcare obtain the necessary type and amount of care.

RFMC was established exclusively to establish, maintain, and operate suitable facilities to provide primary medical care for persons suffering from illness or disabilities within the service area. To administer healthcare of the highest quality to all clients and to practice disease prevention and health maintenance. To provide comprehensive care by making available a wide range of healthcare services. To maintain continuity of care by designing and maintaining a logical system of record keeping. To educate patients regarding disease process, the treatment program and appropriate interventions for potential problem situations. To maintain, and increase, a primary care program to provide preventative care and health care education to citizens desiring those services, especially for those who have limited access to adequate medical care of Assumption, Ascension, and Iberville and surrounding parishes. To continually improve and expand the quality and comprehensives of services by placing the practice in the hands of qualified, responsible health care professionals who will work in cooperation with other public and private health resources. To develop and maintain medical care outcome standards which reflect the standards of national medical organizations, the laws, rules, and regulations of the State. To maintain an organization that can support quality medical care through the recruiting and retention of excellent medical care personnel. To continually improve quality and develop interventions to maintain, and upgrade, the quality of patient care.

Mission Statement

As a Rural Health Clinic, to establish and maintain an innovative, stable organization of qualified physicians and mid-level practitioners to staff and operate a comprehensive primary health care system for the residents in the service area. The clinic was established by Nagaratna Reddy, M.D. under a Rural Health Clinic Project, in order to maintain continued medical service to residents. The services are provided to Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, uninsured, underinsured, self-pay and Fee-For-Service patients regardless of their ability to pay. RFMC has been providing quality care to the local community since 1983. In addition, we offer a sliding fee scale for those who qualify.

All clinic policies and protocols will be reviewed on an annual basis, including treatment and medication protocols. The Medical Director and the Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner will, on an annual basis, review the protocols that the providers use in the RHC. This review will be documented by a signed document by both the Medical Director and the Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner. The State Scope of Practice and Collaborative Agreement, which the Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner works in collaboration with the Medical Director, will be reviewed on an annual basis. This review will be documented by a signed document by both the Medical Director and the Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner.

RFMC has been providing quality care to the local community since 1983. As an independent RHC clinic, RFMC accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. In addition, we offer a sliding fee scale for those who qualify.


You have the Right….

  • To receive quality health care.
  • To be respected by others regardless to race, religion, color, age, sex, creed or health condition or disability.
  • Receive care that is not determined by patient ability to pay for service
  • To have privacy while you receive care.
  • To have your personal and health records kept confidential. You must give written consent before we can give your information to someone.
  • Be treated with respect for the individual patient’s comfort, dignity and privacy.
  • To know facts about RFMC, its services, providers and others who care for you.
  • Be informed of all costs and expected payment from other sources
  • Be informed of his/her rights in advance of care being provided. To get all the facts from your provider about your health and necessary treatment options. You have a right to get these facts in words that you understand
  • Access information contained in his/her clinical records within a reasonable time frame.
  • Make decisions regarding his/her care. To say no to any medical care. Talk with your provider, know your other choices. Tell us in advance how you wish to be treated if you ever become too ill to decide for yourself. This is your legal right.
  • Formulate advance directives and have staff/practitioner to comply with those derivatives.
  • Maintain personal privacy and receive care in a safe setting.
  • Free from verbal or physical abuse or harassment from staff


  • To provide to the extent possible information needed by professional staff in caring for patients.
  • To keep all scheduled appointments with your provider and other specialist(s).
  • To give a detailed and honest history of your entire family. This means, bring required medical documentation.
  • To give an update of any changes in your health during each visit.
  • To tell us about any changes that may affect your health information such as a new address, telephone numbers, emergency contact information, marriage, etc.
  • To ask questions about your health and take an active role in your care.
  • Follow instructions and guidelines given by staff providing healthcare services.
  • To take all medications prescribed as directed by your provider and give information about all medications, including over the counter medications and herbal supplements or vitamins that you are taking. Know what the medications are for and how to use them. Ask questions as needed!
  • To discuss and be involved in your treatment plan with your provider, follow orders as given. Ask questions!
  • To call your provider first with medical problems, unless it is a medical emergency.
  • To avoid using the Emergency Room for non-serious health situations. Instead, use RFMC
  • To report any emergency treatment within 48 hours to your Provider. Remember to bring any medical documentation to you next appointment.