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Top 5 Free 4K Video Player – Best Way to Play 4K UHD Videos

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Display photos. Bookmark videos from websites. Free up your desktop and multitask while listening to music. If you don’t want a multi-featured media player and believe in the less the better, mpv is the wonderful choice with a clear interface, simple function but powerful enough to play 4K video with its GPU video decoding technology. However, the 4k player software does not support playing DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Other Key Features: On screen controller.

Video scaling with popular high quality algorithms, color management, frame timing, interpolation, HDR, and so on. There is a caveat: Don’t download 4K video player from suspicious website. Some sites may be filled with ads that are likely to make you misclick or jump to other pages or even download files unconsciously.

Make sure to check software reviews or download well-known media player. Any user of VLC media player can update to the version 3. To cope with the issue, you can install the codec extension beforehand, or transcode the 4K video to a file that VLC recognizes. Playing 4k videos can be glichy, such as choppiness, stuttering, to name a few. It has to do with both software and hardware. The easiest way is to upgrade your hardware incl. A 4K video is a video that is recorded in the 4K resolution.

The horizontal side of a 4K video has approximately pixels, while in most cases, 4K videos displayed on monitors and TVs have a resolution of X pixels. The movie industry standard is x pixels. You must install a media player that enables you to watch 4K videos on your PC in order to view 4K content. However, this is no cause for alarm because there are numerous media players you can install on either of these operating systems for free.

VLC or 5KPlayer are just a few options you will have at your disposal, but you should also keep in mind that you have to install appropriate codecs on your computer if you want to use it to watch 4K videos. The total amount of pixels a p and 4K video contains is not the same.

Consequently, the amount of details a 4K video can depict is much more significant than on p videos. That is also the reason why 4K video files are much larger than Full HD video files that contain significantly fewer pixels. However, it is nearly impossible to spot a difference between a p video and 4K video from afar, but as you zoom in, you will notice that pixelization occurs at different zoom levels. VLC player uses fast hardware decoding and if needed, it can use GPU to provide seamless video playback experience.

It also provides really good online video streaming experience. More VLC features that you might like are subtitles support , plugins support , track synchronization , effects , filters , and customizable interface. KMPlayer is an advanced 4k video player for Windows. It is capable of playing 4K , 3D , and degrees VR videos. The playback quality of this player is quite good with just small stutter here and there. This player uses the latest H.

In this player, I also like its 3D and degree video playback quality. Option to play 3D and VR videos are present on the main interface. In its internal settings, you can find some useful features like 3D subtitle control , screen capture , online video streaming , multiple language support , etc.

Media Player Classic is a free and open source 4K video player for Windows. It has one of the dullest user interface, but its 4k video playback is one of the smoothest. This media player comes with lots of codecs, but if it needs a codec, it automatically informs you about it. Being a lightweight software, it does not stress the CPU that much. If you go into its settings, you can find options like screen capture , Rendering settings Vsync, GPU control , shaders , filters , etc.

Overall, it is a simple and easy to use 4k player with a good set of features. Zoom and Pan is available. Subtitle formats: — SubStation Alpha. How to use: 1. Open our app and search in directories the video downloaded. How to listen songs: 1. Download music using your mp3 Downloader or other Music Downloader 2. For example, there are many advanced settings in PotPlayer that can help you to turn PotPlayer into an advanced media player.

As for playing 4K UHD videos, its strong decoding ability helps a lot. Also, you can feel free to play your high definition videos without worrying changing the image and sound effects. High quality and smooth as silk. The performance of playback speed has been largely improved, so there are sledom choppy or stuttering playback errors. Though it is especially designed for high-end PCs, you can also enjoy high quality movies even in low-end PC or multitasking environment.

However, you should note that the minimum system requirements are Windows Vista bit, Direct X 9 or later, and Mb of installation space. It has the features that nearly all media players have, but it also has extra functions that you can’t find on other media players like supporting Blu-ray image subtitles, playing Blu-ray discs, GIF capture and supporting languages in 42 countries.


5KPlayer – Best Free Media Player for 4K UHD Playback on Windows & macOS

As a professional and top-trending 4K media player software for Windows 10 and Mac, 5KPlayer plays any UHD videos without blemish. 5KPlayer is an advanced free media player for macOS and Windows (10) to play video music including MKV MP4 WMV AVI 4K 5K 8K video and MP3 AAC FLAC APE music.


Best 7 4K Video Players for Windows 10.Best 8 Free 4k UHD Video Player Software for Windows PC&Mac


When you need to play 4K movies on a different device, Plex is more than a 4K video player. It is a media center also enables you to get online resources from different channels.

KMPlayer is a versatile 4K UHD player, which handles both audio and video, and supports a wide range of different formats. It is extremely customizable and is available in multiple languages. MPC is a 4K video player that has navigate interface, which provides a wide range of file format.

It also extends support to almost all audio and video file formats without asking for additional codecs. Moreover, you can also copy, rip, convert and enhance videos, and upscale images.

If you want to download some 4K movies, where can you get these files? You can always download or capture videos for your 4K video players. It refers to x pixels or x pixels. When you have a large TV screen sizes as well as video projectors, you should play the 4K movies with a 4K UHD media player with much more detailed and less pixels visible images than p. Of course, you can use the Vidmore Player as the professional media player. When you want to have an excellent audiovisual experience with 4K movies, you can learn more about the 10 best 4K video players from the article.

Just check out the review with the detailed features and choose the desired one according to your requirement. Buy Buy. As a powerful media player, KMPlayer has other attractive functions such as video and audio recorder, video speed changer , color correction and music equalizer. It can be used as a music player that can play music in various audio formats.

Moreover, it allows you to download 4K videos from video sharing websites and watch them offline. With over 1 billion downloads, DivX player is one of the most popular 4K video player for Windows It can play, convert and stream 4K video with zero quality loss.

The 5 best free 4K video players have their strengths and drawbacks. Which one do you prefer? Tell us in the comments area! Zoe works as editor at MiniTool for many years, writing articles about video editing skills. She has published hundreds of articles about video editing, video conversion, video downloading, audio editing and photo editing.

During her spare time, Zoe loves reading, traveling, skating, watching movies, musicals and plays.


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For the benefit of users and to ensure they can enjoy the latest content easily, the DVDFab player keeps updating itself with new features from time to time. Just plays everything. Then the video will be added to the player.